Tree Trimming F.A.Q.

Trees should be pruned regularly, at least once per year. The best time to prune your trees is during the dormant season. Contact East Coast tree Works to schedule your next tree pruning service. East Coast Tree Works Melbourne makes sure all your trees are pruned according to industry standards.
Stump removal is not normally part of our tree removal service. This is an additionally quoted service we offer for complete tree removal.
If your tree has dead branches, you need to call East Coast Tree Works right away, as dead branches are a major safety risk. We are tree care professionals with the expert knowledge to treat your specific plants. We will remove any safety and plant life threatening branches, diagnose plant health care problems and discuss any pre and post treatment concerns we may have.
Yes, Our tree pruning specialists are trained and experienced climbers. It is important to select a professional for pruning your trees as many risks come with tree pruning
A certified arborist is tree care specialists who fully understand the needs of trees, trained to provide complete plant health care for your trees and shrubs. East Coast Tree Works is a certified arborist accredited by International Society of Arboriculture (ISA), identified throughout Florida as qualified, knowledgeable tree care professionals.
Both tree trimming and tree pruning is the process of cutting and removing dead branches. Tree trimming usually refers to shrubs and tree pruning usually refers to trees. East Coast Tree Works is experts in both tree pruning and tree trimming services.
The two main reasons for tree stump removal is for safety and aesthetic appearance. A tree stump left in the ground after tree removal is a major safety concern for both people and pets. A tree stump left in the ground overtime becomes soft making it an ideal home for insects like bees. Contact East Coast Tree Works for tree and stump removal services in Melbourne.
Trees need to be pruned regularly. When many think of the reasons for tree pruning, they only think of aesthetic appeal or simply removing branches blocking the view. Both your safety and the plants health is at risk if you ignore your trees pruning needs. Dead tree branches can fall at any moment crashing down on your garage, house, or worse children or pets. By pruning your tree regularly, you can eliminate these dangerous outcomes. Trees growing close to power lines need to be pruned regularly to eliminate the risk of limb damage. Power lines can cause damage to the tree limbs which are an invite to insects and disease. As a certified arborist, we know your trees specific needs, and will prune your tree according to industry standards.
The main reason for pruning shrubs is for aesthetic appeal. Trimming your shrubs can open up walkways, clear window view, and create an overall cleaner look. Our tree and shrub pruning professionals are a team of certified arborists
Mulch is one of the most beneficial ways to maintain the health of your trees and shrubs. Mulch keeps tree roots cool and moist in the summer and insulated in the winter. However, too much mulch can choke the roots and cause decay.
Does the mild winter compounded with drought stressed trees mean more insect problems? We will be watching closely for insects including borers, spider mites, scale and the return of gypsy moths. Mild winters typically mean an increase in insect populations the following season.


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